Saturday, August 28, 2010

I wanna stand with you on the mountain.

YO (;

My mood was a little hyper today and everything went on well today,as well.Everything seems to be going on my way lately and I guess,life's not that sad after all.I have been spending too much money lately and the word 'self-control' seems to be disappear from my dictionary.Well, I will add it in soon or so.I have not been doing my homework and I guess, I just couldn't rush it all up in one day.I am so lazy. ):

I went out today , with ze girls who I have been spend time with and then joined the boys for a little while to dinner.I have a date with this girl ,

yes, this girl

in KL tomorrow.
and, Kai's sweet16 too.

Can't wait.

And, maybe a movie marathon day with the others on monday.Yes, I am skipping school and tuesday, I should just be patriotic to stay at home with a Malaysia flag on my left hand when my right hand is doing my homework .Or slack the whole there and finish my homework last minute, hee.

I should go to sleep nao!

Can't wait.

p.s You're gone , is a fact to me now.