Friday, August 27, 2010


So, I have tons of pictures to post up
so I decided to spam everything up here.
Will be kinda busy these few days tho.
Have a few outings to go and stuff
and I believe there will be more pictures up
especially the camwhore ones.

I lost my BB cream );
I have no idea where I put it
and now, I need to get a new one.
I need a new school bag. really.

Megasales is still on..
Soo.. Anyone, wanna go shopping? :p

Ah okay okay,
let's start.

First of all,

Happy 7TH Birthday, Brother (;
Jasper Lim Teng Hoong.

And really,
I am not sure whether I wanna buy you a robot or not
you shoved my nokia 6170 down the ribena when you are 3 , you threw my motorola x3 down the toilet bowl and almost flush it when you are 4 and you threw my psp down from the 3rd floor from daddy's office last year when you are 6.
I really need to consider it first.

I know you still love me one laah!

His birthday dinner is postponed to next week, I guess since my daddy is in Bangkok nao.He better get me souvenirs man!

p.s you can skip this part if you want XD


Fahrenheit's 4th album 'Too Hot' will be released during middle of september around 16 in taiwan and so, in malaysia..We can get it around 20th and so, end of the year they should come to malaysia.OMG OMG OMG.

And you know what,
their new song 'super hot' music video is plain awesome.
Everyone was half naked and all of them was like trying to grab their clothes open or something.
Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! IT'S LIKE OMGWTFBBQ HOT (;
I want them here in Malaysia nao ); !

Watch this first .


When I watch it , my heart beats extra fast as if it's gonna pop out or something.

CALVIN CHEN YI RU is shoooo cute , you know (;(:
Call me Mrs Chen,please.

Okay shoooo ,
I think I should end here if not you all will die.


School is okay , I guess.
Those merdeka decorations is awesome
but I didn't really contribute enough tho.
Trust me, Delta have awesome leaders.

I used to think that 3Alpha'09 is better
and also, think that delta is kinda boring
but nao, everything just totally change my mind.
Delta is really awesome and,
I feel so lucky to be a deltarian nao .

Okay, this sound so gay to me but yeah :p

this lucky fella have just left to Perth.
Ah, better come home soooon maaaan/

pe class?

And the other day, with mrs potato.

FYI, this is Lisa . The younger one of the twins and I know she is daaaaaamnnnn cuteeee :p

And do you know that she was afraid of me before she is this close to me and really, that makes me think am I that scary ); I am just ABIT loud, ABIT violent and ABIT rude. ): Life's so sad , don't you think so. Nothing much, I think this girl is really cute and trust me, when I start at staring at her, I couldn't stop doing it.
And really, this question suits her
*cough cough*
Did it hurt falling from heaven?You look like an angel to me?
her expression ,
totally go omg ! shoooooooo cute :p

Love you lah,
lisababy (:

This was suppose to be a picture with another twin but I think I am too noob at camwhoring with people so yeah.Or maybe, my camera likes me so much :p

And yeah,
there it goes.

The elder one, LiVon.
Tell me that , they don't look like twins at all .

And her every movement is funny, trust me. I used to be scared of her because she stares like mad but nao, aiyaaa stare la stare laaa hahaha.

My point is,
I think twins shouldn't be compared.
Don't you think so?


Today we have our first drama practice at Chinkeat's house and it went all good , I suppose.Despite spoilers who doesn't wanna act properly and show his face during the practice, all went good.

group pic :p

And we have nothing to do
after 2 hours of practise
so, we split into two groups.
And shoooo,
the boys Dota-ed as usual
and some of us gambled,
I lost ten bucks ): or is it eleven ):

Fifth ,
As usual , I come home and checked fb.formspring and etc etc.

And shooo today ,
Someone send this to me on formspring

I am absolutely sure that you know who am I and nor I need to make any introductions.You have to post this up because I am speaking out for feelings for you,friend.You are not that strong and stop thinking that you are.It makes others feels like slapping you when you starts faking with a smile on your face.It hurts your friends when you don't want to tell the truth instead of smiling and joking all around.Did you occur that we are not THAT stupid to not know that you are faking.CarmenLimKahMun,one person gave up on you does not mean the whole world gives up on you.Please understand this fact.It is a fact.
You can be bitchy and act like all you do not care in front of us, your friends and try to hide your feelings as good as possible but WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS.We know you to be call as your 'friends'.We can watch you cry in front of our face or watch you cursing about your life.We rather watch you being unreasonable or cry to feel better,do you know that.It sucks to watch you trying to make us less worry.We are more afraid than loosing you than you do.How many times you want us to repeat to you.We need you and we never left you.Stop being a pessimistic person.We are always here and never left.Those bastards who left you are stupid,useless and hopeless.Can you just tell us everything and not hide your feelings anymore.
You have so many friends,so many one of us and mayb some of them are not with us but,we have shoulders for you to lean on.We are not for display,Carmen.We can do everything you did for everyone of us too..Why don't you just understand,we are capable to make you happy like how you do for us.You are NOT strong,babe.Why can't you just get it.Everyone needs someone.That someone you have might left you and not trust you anymore.
He doesn't understand you,Carmen.He never trusted you.He never tried to know.He never put all his effort on you.He gave up on you.So,give up on him too.We are ALL here for you.We love you so much more than he does.Please,don't make yourself that pathetic.We scold you for your own good.We stop you and control your freedom because we are afraid that you leave us.Maybe some of them left you but those who stays will still get worried of you but you treated us like..our existence is transparent.You only care about those useless freaks that leave you.
We are here,Carmen.Cry to us,Moan to us,Tell us how sad you are and tell us what you wanna do.Tell us everything about you.We want to know everything about you.Please don't hurt yourself anymore.We will always there for you.We love you.Stay strong and fight!Break down infront of us and we will never leave.
Trust us.
Love, your friend.

I am so touched.

I never felt this way before.When I read it, I almost cried because that's what I always wanted to hear , wanted to get from my friends and I may not know who is the one who posted this up.Because, I definitely know this person have been watching over me and love me.
I love you, friend.

you made my day and gave me hope.