Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Because there's someone who will always try their best for you.

And today ,
I went to the place which I fear the most.

I came home with the tiredness shoving into my bones , I felt so weak and so I went upstairs to my room.I fell on my bed so hard and the next moment is me falling asleep.My mind was blank and I could barely even move myself off the bed.My eyes was half close and I feel so thirsty but , I couldn't move a single bit. I can't shout or scream.In other words, I really feel like dying. I don't like this feeling. Not the first time this happened but, I never feel as afraid as those previous time.Let it be , it sound dramatic but so what?

I felt so dehydrated , I need water and noone was around. I heard steps outside my room , the doorknob was turned and she pushed the door so hard and shouted , "Jie" . She came near me and ask me whether am I sick. I didn't answer and turned away because I felt so havoc. She asked whether I want bread , I shook my head very carefully because my neck hurts. She left my room after that and then, I remembered that I forgot to ask her to fetch me some water but I couldn't bother much.I was so sleepy and tired so I closed my eyes.

Little finger tapped my shoulder , I turned around and then I see her looking at me with her innocent eyes and she ask , Jie, do you want cold or hot water? And, i said warmed. She ran down so fast and get me a cup of water. It was only half full or maybe, she already spill it while bringing it up for me. That cup of water can never taste any better. Sound exaggerating but a 4 year old little girl can do this.

And trust me ,
I never feel as loved as just now.


I am so afraid that I would be absent in her future and those times which I stayed up to take care of her when she was having a bad dream or fever is worth it.

Gives Me Hope.


p.s I love my sister (;