Tuesday, August 10, 2010

You used to shine so bright but now I watch it all fade.

SO ,
this post is kinda late but yeaaah.

Transferring tons of pictures and resizing them
took me a few days :/

Okay fine, I can make it fast
but really, I was so lazy and tired
so I chose to have a rest on my bed instead pft.

And trust me,
I really have alot of pictures to update
and shooooo , my blog will be covered up with my face.
I know you feel like puking or whatever
so don't visit and it's okay.

My nuffnang can just go die man -.-
You have no idea how disappointing I am to it
because it haven't even grow a cent yet.
I only have like 1 buck -.-

And so , back to the topic.

Last friday after schoool,
I followed twins home and took a good afternoon nap.
I woke up with everyone watching the sister's keeper.
Didn't really bother to pay attention on the show tho.
It's about some girl having cancer or anything .
Despite it like crap );

Then chitchat for a little while ,
disturbed lisa MUAHAHAHHAHAA.

then everyone rushed me since
I always take a long time to fix my eyeliner and stuff.
And guess what, I am faster than all of them.
HEHE -.- Okay, nothing proud but yeah.

And shooooo ,
camwhore abit first :D


Yes, I know the background and lightning is so awesome.Ah, rich kids :/

And shoo , we started to walk to tenji
since it's not that far away.
And trust me , it will be even more near
if I wasn't wearing heels.

And shoo , we chitchat and then sing
or whatever we have done otw there.
Those bangladeshies was like staring
and everything so it kinda freaked us out
so we tried walking faster
but , my heels :/ stupid heels.

And so , we went all excited the moment
we took our first step on Solaris.
Call us sampat or whatever but really,
we feel so happy just like a little kid
getting lollipops or something :p

And sho, we reached Tenji and it was all so classy
then we go even more hyper or something .

Went to the counter , paid the bill.
600 over bucks . Approximately 101 bucks for each person.
Oh damn, it was so expensive.
Idk bout them but when I took out the money
from my purse , I was thinking about I can actually
buy another dress or a few more shirts
and a very good pair of heels with change.
Aw );

So some fella lead us to our table
and otw there, all of us went WOAAAAH!
And when we go inside ,
all of us go OMG WOAAAH WOAAAH!
It was so pretty and it have so many kinds of food
and those desserts , omg!
It was all worth it on the first thought off my mind.

We all went separate ways for food hunting.
Grabbed so much food and then settled down
and eaaaaat (;


Well, maybe it's expensive
or maybe it's because we skipped our lunch.
It was all awesome , trust me .

they don't only serve sushi.

They even have tako !
Herbal soup , so many kinds of coffee
and alot alot of cuisine which I have never tasted.

Other than that,

they serve alcohol!

Gosh, damn awesome.
Ah , not only the food and drinks.
It's also about the people around.
And that's the time for us to say,
life's awesome and forget bout life's so sad.

you get what I mean now ?

And then we took a rest and so on.
Lisababy and I was like walking around the whole
restaurant getting food and stuff.

And then I carved for more dessert .
I tried chocolate fondue .
I don't like chocolates but yeah, I still do eat it.
And god , those thing was like melting in my mouth.
Sorry to say but ewwww .

Back to the table ,
tried all the desserts.
The durian cheesecake thing is awesome!

Then chilled for a little while and talk pft.

Then we got outside and have a lil alcohol.
After that , of course camwhoring.
How am I manage my blog without pictures aite.
And if I only type in words , I don't think
anyone still visit my blog .
Visitors is dropping like mad , omg. :X

And yes, we ordered pink lady & tequila something.
It was okay , I guess.

Was trying to pretend like some classy person D:

LIVON SHOO HOT MAN. seriously , hot stuff.


her twin.

LISAAAA (; Damn, see her innocent face. And trust me, she look real good that night.


and back to fongkhei ,

she was seriously laughing -.-

And move those cups away ,


and a MUST group picture!


last one before we leave the restaurant.

And so we went outside
and trust me, that time my heels is already killing me.
The night view was so awesome, you know!

Wandered around lil while then we walked back to twin's place.

And omg la! MY HEELS );


And so , till the time I couldn't stand the pain anymore.
I took it off and I freaking found two blisters );
And theeeen , I walked barefoot.
Well not only me , fongkhei too .

life's so sad right.

how pathetic.


there we go.

And so we reached lisa's house and ohmygod,
it's so awesome because we were dead tired.

And then we rest for awhile
then play some hitting pillow games.
And goddamnit, it was so funny.

And then we talk while resting.
Just like what any other girls do ,
talk about how's life -.- so lame.
Then we continued HAHAHA.

And not long after,
I followed Mingli home.

And believe it or not ,
we slept before one
because I was so tired!
potong, can!

AH, missed out all the bonding moments.

I have been sleeping kinda early nowadays.
Have no idea why am I so tired and stuff.

The next day , we went to pyramid.

helmet, can die.

had pepper lunch for lunch LMAO.
then to redbox and sang -.-
for the whole 2 1/2 hours.
Damn crazy.

Then she send me home.

And really what an awesome weekend .

How long more could I walk this road?

p.s I am not a good friend and can't be one, agree?