Saturday, August 7, 2010

Because sometimes we don't know who to trust ;

Do you know that life after exam is really good?
Despite all the results and dramas happening,
overall everything is just awesome.

Well , I guess I will be busy for this month
at weekends , probably since it's after exam.
And after this month , need to start studying
for finals. That's what my teacher say tho.
As if I will study D:

And I have quite a number of things to update
but I guess, I have to put everything in order tho.

Ah, nevermind.
What am I saying anyway :p

So one fine day (i dont remember the date)
I have a date with my doctor in the hospital -.-

I have to wake up early and everything.

Have rojak and cendol at ss15 first ,

Goddamnit, it taste so good (;

And shooo, to the hospital
and waited outside for my turn
to check up and stuff.

You have no idea how boring am I okay.

And so , the indian dude sitting infront of me gave me the wtf face );

Was called in , did check up and stuff
and was asked to wait again , for the room.

And I self timer-ed HARHAR.

And then Chloe came..

Don't ask why I keep camwhoring in hosp.
I just feel bored okay and those waiting moment
really can die laaaaah !

And then it was my turn.

Pale .

I always look pale after coming back from the hosp.

Sigh :/

Have a very wonderful night with the girls at Tenji.
And maybe , I will be out tmr?

Till then ,