Thursday, August 5, 2010

To be or not to be.

because it's all my camwhore pictures , pfft );

As I promised ytd that I will post up my new haircut
no matter how disgusting and horrible I look
and now , I am doing it :/

I went to school and everyone was like insulting me, ouch );

I feel damn sad but then, I still think it's damn nice.
Yes, it sound so perasan but that's the only way to
like... make me feel better.
Aiyo , life's sho sad );

And so ,
last time I look like ,


Yes I know right );
My hair was so long and my fringe was okay.I just need to trim it and it will look absolutely fine but I have no idea what's wrong with me on wednesday, i decided to change my hairstyle for a new start of my life. Well, I was emoing so yeah.My aunt fixed it for me and now, I have no idea what i look like :/ SIGH .

But still,
I think it's okay with me la.

It makes no big difference actually, I still look so ugly -.-


I look like..


okay yes,
I kinda have

bangs ?

but I still can put it as a

side fringe.

I have no idea why it turned out like that. It can be both and both of it look damn retarded.And I have no idea which side to choose tho. I feel like having bangs but then, I think I look better with side fringe. And I never thought that I will actually cut bangs so soon. My aunty influence me to and now it turn out like this and everyone is laughing , omg :/
It's really good to make my eyes look bigger after putting on eyeliner. hee :D

bangs bangs bangs :D

and with bangs ,

I could do any face expression and it will still look good. When I'm with the side fringe , I can't do some face expression because it covers face of my round face );

and with bangs,

My eyes look a lil more bigger than usual :D

and with bangs,

I could act very very lala !

But still, I miss side fringe.

Okay , I know it's damn annoying to be like this but as you know, I can never make up my mind. It changes every second .

So I need you people to tell me which one is more suitable
because ,
I am already ugly enough so I don't need to be extra more uglier .


fail expression.

like this one!

sigh :/

shoooo how ?

bangs .


side fringe.