Saturday, August 14, 2010

Oh darling, I wish you were here.

I have been shutting up myself out today.
It's almost tomorrow now and somehow ,
I have a deep feeling inside me.

I browsed through my folder of pictures today
and find out that, I have so much pictures
and so I decided to post up some of them
from last time. As in, a quite sometime.

And shooooo ,

This was on Chloe's birthday celebration .



And school too.
Grabbed some pictures from facebook.
And yeah .

ROUND ROUND'S birthday , harhar.

And then , this was yesterday.

So yesterday right after school .
Few of us went to AC to have lunch
and I got a little moody after that
due to some reasons but then, I was okay
after a while or so.

Then, The double Ming and neighbour
and of course me :D headed to starbucks.
And a very good catching up session.
Love Ming Square like mad HARHAR.

Cynthia and Andrew came after that.
Then we have a last minute plan to redbox .
You have no idea how emo we were
when we were singing those songs and stuff.

And so, the pathetic Andrew and Cyn
have transport problem
and we stoned at one corner for like
err.... 15 minutes or something LMAO

And so today ,
I was a little busy and tired more than usual .

I'm so sorry that this post sound so lazy
but really, my mood sucks like mad.
I feel like typing because I have nothing better to do.
I really don't wanna stone infront of the tv
or lie down on my bed and go all emotional.
I have no intention to do my homework too.

I guess I should download some dramas to watch
or something if not I will just feel like ,
' When am I gonna die' kind of thing.
I do not know how to explain but it sucks.

It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you now.Say I wouldn't call and I lost all control and I need you now. I don't know how I would do without.And I need you now.

Maybe it's true that I can't live without you, maybe two is better than one.

Without my friends , I'm nothing.
youknowwhoyoupeopleare (;