Sunday, November 1, 2009

What to do if crying doesn't make me feel anymore better?

One day before Langkawi , I went to Pyramid the day before .
Just a short outing with Xuelin,Xiuming and Suetteng.
Ate at some Kopitiam and then, went around
to shop for the foods for my Langkawi trip and so .

Some pictures first .

Then to Giant to get Pocky,Rocky,Hello Panda.
Hello Panda strawberry flavored is out of stock already.
Was complaining all the way . ish .

To arcade by then .

rocky power : D

xuelin finger damn kacau .

After that , walked around for a little while
then , leave the place aorund 8pm.
Just a short meet up tho.

Xiuming .

Xuelin .

Back home , packed things and double check stuff
and yeah , ready to Langkawi .

Pink rocks everyone's socks LOL.


Pocky pokes you , wtf .

pink : )

Don't give me that look ,
at least I updated .

I always didn't have the mood to type and those.
Have been WC3ing , fuck it .
Langkawi trip, next .

no xoS , for today .