Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Even if the sky is falling down .

Just got off from the conference call which consist 4 of us.
Should be 4 but then , one of them put down.
I was shouting otp all the way .

How many more days till I am free ?
Just two days then I can go out again.

My ahma loose trust in me , already
so I've to ask her before I'm out from the house
or she'll call me when I'm not at home.
But I think , everything will be back the same again
after awhile or so . Haha .

I'm broke .
I have 15bucks left in my purse
and no, it's not alot okay !

And everyone should learn this pose .

Yes, this pose.


I'm actually really lazy to blog about Halloween Party .
Next post next post xD

xo .