Saturday, November 7, 2009

Every second it's worth it , with you .

So many complained that I was offensive , in a way .
Don't you feel proud of me because the half of the old me
is back , now ? Forget it , it will be the past already.

Tiring day , today .

One saturday , I've walk to Sunway Pyramid just to meet..

wait , why do the starting sound like i'm telling
some grandma stories or fairytale , omg.
I think I lost my blogging thingmajing LOL.

Went out to sunway pyramid again to meet the bitch.
Unfortunately, we only spend 45minutes together
or maybe more , did a little catch up.

She took my camera and snapped non stop.
I've deleted some of the pictures
and now, some of them is in my computer .
Spam her face : D

This bitch and I have been really close friends for 3 years,
although there're alot of misunderstandings ,bitchfights
and arguements between us .
Everytime we end up with a smile hanging on our face
because we think that we're so funny for arguing like that.

There's a gap between us , now .
Different school, Different envirment and friends.
Everything is different around us
and we could hardly talk about any serious topics.
So in msn , we randomly crap about things
and laugh over it . Yes, we're super lifeless.

And I don't think I can find someone who can replace her, tho.

Just wanna say ,
if you bitched about my close friends ,
I'll definitely fight back . no doubt .

We should spend sometime soon , bitch.

and ,

Don't you think twins are freaking cute ?!