Friday, October 30, 2009

But it hurts when you say you understand me .

Just got kantoi-ed by grandma an hour ago
for sneaking out of the house , in the middle of the night.
Now , I think my freedom is gonna disappear soon.
But then , fifteen minutes ago she made me orange juice. : )

I wonder if I can go to the halloween's tonight : O

But everything is okay , already.

So , the lesson is .
Sneak out of the house , already .
We must still go home before the sun rise
if not , GG.COM.MY

So back to the updates as I promised .

October 23 , friday .

I went to school that day , just to change the form thingmajing.
End up, the day was really boring .
Asked SookMun to tag along the day before and so yeah.
In the auditorium for some talk thingi for next year.
Stucked in 3rho , indoor games.

Played UNO and gambling cards .
The game was full of laughter .
Lysha, SookMun and I was like making alot of noise
when the boys gonna win .
We kicked them , hit them and screamed at their faces.

Ming .

Hang around in the canteen.
Then it started raining .

Sook .

Donniena .

Donniena's sister : D

Went to the building to watch the boys filming
Heroes (Our Version ) Part 2 .

Took couple of pictures and so on.

Went home took a rest ,
then at night went over to kahming's place
for his party and those.
I'm lazy to elaborate what happened that night .

pictures do the talking .

sho cute .


*cough cough*


Nick Faris .

KahMing .


Playing with Nina's awesome camera . : )

A MUST shot .

Taken by XuehQi.

Prasad .

KahMing and my lala face.

: )

Then the next day .

October 24 , Saturday.

Suetteng came over around 9am , goddamn early.
Then wash and those , leave the house around 12pm.
Reached and have lunch at kimgary's with Suetteng and XuehQi.
Yuhung came then , people slowly join us one by one .

Went to tarbush , sat for awhile .
Left the place with Yuhung and Jaesern .
Walk around the mall and those .
Solomon came after that .

Watched Pandorum and it sucks .
Screamed like some crazy tard of some scary scenes.

In cinema .

Then to A&W .
Accompany the boys to the main entrance,
after they left , back to A&W .
Then to tarbush , Shisha-ed like crazy .

Home around 11pm, i think .


Home around 11pm, i think .

Enough for today , I'm tired .

xo .