Thursday, November 19, 2009

Take a dirty picture for me .

Back for the updates bout outing.
Will be a long post , I assume.
Aiyom I assume things everytime also wrong one
so nevermind lar , wtf am I talking about D:

I'm sorry , I feel so tired now and Idk what am I typing.
Let's start from er...

November 15 , Sunday .

Out with Xuelin to Tarbush, just to shisha .

Some guy asked for our age and blablabla.
Didn't know that they're checking already
but they didn't bother also so yeah , still shishaed.

Just do some catch up so yeah,

Chio cigg box.

Left the place around 5pm then to toilet -.-
Then met Hugo and his friend up , he sent me home not long after.

November 16 , Monday

Xuelin called around ten but then, I went back to sleep D:
So end up , wake up around 11 something to twelve.
My ahma don't let me out until I finish the nasi lemak
she tapaoed from ss2 or whatever .

People keep rushing me because the movie starts at 12.45pm .
I was eating my nasi lemak then i need text , then i tried to eat fast
then I almost choked then I drank water , was damn sad.
I left my place around 12.40pm, great -.-

Didn't really miss the movie tho .

Watched 2012 and it was awesome.
But, it's scaring me and what if the world ends like that?
All the disasters and everything OD=
2 hours 40minutes in the cinema , can die .

After that , went to Naeb to shisha.
IDC . I still prefer tarbush lor !
but Naeb have more flavors and yeah .
Chose apple lemon and it's really nice.


Went off to pool then , 12bucks gone . ish.
It was suppose to be 6bucks only >.<

Then we split with the boys.
Went to Asian Avenue , to The Street Cafe.
I swear I'll never go back there again .
Their food is so fucking spicy and I didn't even eat half of it.
Wasted my money D:

But this is awesome :D


After that , we went to the bowling place to look for Zheng Hou.
Then we meet up for awhile . XuehQi and I , then leave the place.
She went back around 7pm.
Then I went to Gasoline to meet up with ZhengHou again.

Then we went to Tarbush to shisha .
Back home around 9pm.

November 18 , Wednesday

Yuhung and Bryan crashed into my room around 8am.
Bryan jumped on my bed and on the music freaking loud.
Then, I was trying to go back to sleep again but failed.
Sigh , fucking early in the morning OMG D:

Called and complained to Doter.

aw : D

I went to shower then .
The boys was like turning my door then I freaked out.
They were like ,"I OPEN AR I OPEN AR"
Then they open and push it back, open and close and -.-'
boys -.-'

Around ten or later , walked to pyramid .
Met up with Suetteng and Shanice then to Kimgary's.
After that , walk around aimlessly .
Then to dreamworld to play that idkwhatisitcalled and basketball.
The boys only I mean .

Went to Tarbush , wanted to shisha.
Some shits happened then off we go .
Seriously, aijor !

Then to toilet -.-


Went to cinema to get tickets .
Bought tickets for The Fourth Kind.
Boring shit lar , that show OMG D:

We were like throwing popcorns to each other in the cinema.
It went inside my shirt , wtf .
Fell asleep .

Then half way , we left the cinema .
such a stupid show bout aliens , ish.
plus, they never show the alien's face also !

Walked around aimlessy , then to the bubble place.
Sat there and stone . Bryan left around 5pm.
Then, we went around the mall .
Find a place and camwhore :D


Yuhung .

Yuhung kacau !

Then suetteng kacau >.<

I likey : D


Went home around er , 6.30pm.
Went out with grandma to some boring thingi .

Then fetched suetteng from shanice's crib around ten.
back to my place .Spend so much time laughing over unnecessary things.
Went to back around 3am , after bullshitting so much xD

She went back around 4pm today .

HAHAHHA . finally done , omg.
This post took me so looooooong .
And,Tmr is Arron Yan Ya Lun's birthday : D