Saturday, November 21, 2009

You're the star in every scene .

Didn't have the mood to sign in msn today.
Woke up around 2pm , out with grandpa till 4.
And then , I watch

Boys Over Flowers .

Call me outdate or what but at least I'm watching it now.
Last time , I only watched a little when my sister is watching
and now finally , I can really watch it from the beginning till the end.
This show is awesome and I think I'm gonna rewatch it.
Plus , those boys are damn breathtaking. O.O

I shall start from the one I don't like the most
but overall all of them are really Hot :D

Kim Hyun Joong.
I don't like him lar , fucking spoiler in almost every scene.Grrr.

Idontknowhisname D:
I was trying to google his name but I couldn't find it, someone please tell me what is his name.I kinda like him because there are some angle of him reminds me of Calvin<3 . Er wait, I think he looks like Calvin in Romantic Princess.

Han Kim Bum.
This bloody cute freak , Ohmyfuckinggod.His smile already win la xD No doubt, this fella is really cute, as in really really cute!

Lee Min Ho !
AIYO , WHY IS HE SO FUCKING ADORABLE AND HOT IN EVERY SCENE.Argggh! I want him la , wtf.Look at that pretty face.Is he from heaven or what? And, why didn't the girl like him from the start?! ish. This hot fella is bloody charming<3

And, why taiwanese version of this not that interesting one.
Why the boys that acted in it doesn't look that adorable and cute.
8 episodes in one day and I'm gonna finish it in 3 or 4 days time
then I can skip to another show .

I don't like to watch it one episode per day.
It's like damn potong lor! And, I really hate waiting.
The most annoying part is the show is so damn kanjiong
until your heart beat until can pop out then they got advertisement
or they give you preview and ask you to wait for the next episode.
ish =/ potong !

As I said , I won't be going out anymore.
I need to stay at home for a period of time to be a good girl
to make it for that trip and I really need to go
because if I said no, people will kill me . As in, really kill me.

I shall just watch all the show in one time.
Ohmygod , BOF BOF BOF BOF BOF so nice wtf.

I know this post is boring but at least, I'm still updating.