Saturday, November 14, 2009

I never did consider you till one day ,I found out that my heart beat fast and slow at the same time when I'm with you then I realise I'm wrong.

by anonymous .

Well, I'm here to update bout my hanging out seissions
and outings with my lovelies :)

And , holidays already started . yay?
After pmr , it's already like holidays to me .

Pictures from Mel's blog

okay , let's start from ..

November 11 , Wednesday .

I woke up at 6.30am ,same time like I wake up for school.
Followed bus to school , then walk to AC.
Met up with Xuelin,XiuMing & Yenlin then their college friends
came up and join us .

XuehQi came around 9am then straight went up for pool.

I was damn pissed because I couldn't manage make the white
ball to hit the other balls , then slowly slowly I managed to.
I think I kinda like pool already but still noob.
Another thing for you people to ask me out :D

Drank two bottles of heineken , face turned pink.
People asked whether I'm okay .
Hey, I can drink okay !


Then went down to have lunch .
Have this super cute pink drink :D

And, while waiting for the food .
Credits to LeeXuehQi <3

Pink <3 I know that thing is fucking cute .

That two things are from XuehQi from Camerons.
I got , you don't have . hmph *turns face away*

Why am I so gay these days D:

Another round of pool and those.
The boys smoked like crazy -.-
And yes, we all smell like cigg .

Walked back to school with Xuelin around 3.40 or later?
Went to the canteen and see my classmates?
Chat for a little while and I missed the bus .
Called Grandparents up to pick me then to hospital
to pick Grace up from there . She was admitted so yeah.

Spend some time there to pay those yada yada.

It was really boring okay !

October 12, Thursday.

Went to school , dragged XuehQi along .
Didn't plan to go to school after pmr
but for the sake of Solomon so yeah .
He asked me to go and support him so yeah.

Went for indoor games and played CS with Yuhung's lappy.
Bryan taught me how to play CS and they were so
disappointed in me because I keep killing my own team mate.
How smart -.-

Pictures taken .

Sho cute : D

Very good friends : D

Somehow , I like this picture =p

Went for lunch then to the auditorium for talentine.
Well, it was okay I guess .

October 13, Friday.

The last day of school.
Told Bryan that I will attend school but I didn't.
Was too lazy and some other reasons so yeah.
Plus , if I'm out to school .I can't be out at the time fixed.

It was supposed to be 12pm but then it dragged to an hour later
and so.Met up with XuehQi then we went for Sushi.
She laughed at me because I was dreaming bout Sushi
the day before and wonder around in Pyramid aimlessly.

We feel so tired and so yeah end up at Tarbush again.
Shisha-ed the whole pipe , tried new flavor.
I'm not loyal to Mint flavor anymore.
Didn't really get high since it's not that strong.

Well, we did alot of catching up and it's awesome.
Spend around 3 hours or more there to talk about
our lifes , problems and everything .
We should do this since a long time.

This is call , 'heart to heart talk' is it is it ?
Although heart cannot talk but aiya, same lah wtf.

Then we left .Went to get bubble tea.
Bumped into LikChuen and Philippe .
Talked for a little while then met up with Nadia.
Home after that .

As for today , I stayed at home.
Seee , I so good girl wtf.
Actually, it's because noone ask me out .
zha dao.

Woke up around 3 something today .
Don't look at me like that , I was up till 5am the night before.
Bryan la! I sarcrifies my sleeping time for me.
Then, he signed out just like that! GRR .

And ,

They're preparing for their 4th album already : D
Can't wait :)

I should be partying for that , now : D

Out with Xuelin tmr .
XuehQi can't make it : (
But, we'll have fun without you xD