Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's about you and me , enough said .

Hello , I'm here to blog about the Halloween Party :D
I don't wanna drag it already because I know
I won't remember a shit if I keep dragging it so yeah.

Skip introductions , here we go.

Friday , November 30th.

Was caught by Grandma , sneaking out of the house
for the whole night then, she scolded me .
I didn't cry because I was very tired , wtf .

Went up to my room and lied on my bed .
She came up and I thought something shitty will
happen again,as in I thought she wanna beat me
or something but she didn't :D

Asked me to go down and she made me orange juice =P

That's why I say ,
Ahma rocks xD

Stoned infront of the computer for the whole day .

XuehQi came over around 3pm or later
then we headed to Sunway Pyramid to have lunch ,
a very late lunch .

Met Xuelin&Xiuming up
then headed to Old Town White Coffee .
Chibi was there, said hi and all those stuff.

We went separate ways .

XuehQi and I rushed to a few shops to get our stuff.
I bought a pink big specs and I've no idea where's it now.
And it's 17bucks which is kinda expensive .
Then rushed home .

It was raining and luckily we brought an umbrella .

XuehQi and I was like laughing our ass off
under the umbrella ?

It was suppose to be a very dramatic scenes okay
but then , we spoil it by making alot of noise
and laughing our heads off .
It was suppose to be "be careful, dear" but then ,
it turned into "AIYO , MY LEG IS DIRTY ALREADY LA".

Conclusion is , walking under a same umbrella in the rain
with your best friend is a no no .

Back home , got changed and put on make ups
and of course , pictures : D

And those without the mirror LOL.

Reached Sunway Lagoon Club around 6.30pm.
Apparently , we're kinda early
because not really alot of people were there so yeah .
Lazy to state the details , pictures will do .

Weng ian .

GYY disturbed .

Then we went in and out , in and out of the place.
And then, I seriously forget what happened .

Some interruption occured and I forget
whatever I wanna type it out .
Seriously , aiyo !

Forget it then . pictures pictures .

Desmond Thye Cheng Jun

YuanYang , WengIan , XuehQi<3<3

Note : the bloody hand.

Girls and WengIan .

MEL <3


The dancefloor was boring .
Left around eleven , back to my place .
then, XuehQi left around twelve .

That's all ,I remembered .

Hey ,
don't gimme that look.
At least I updated bout it okay .

I'm done : D
And , it's 4.28am now LOL