Monday, November 2, 2009

Like , you understand .

I'm here to blog about Langkawi ,
only some pictures will be up tho .
I won't post 200 over pictures up here ,
it's darn crazy .

Slept around 1am the night before ,
then have to wake up early around 6.30am.
Ate breakfast then headed to school,
reached around 7.15 or later .
Yuhung scolded because I promised him 7
but as you know , I need to blow my hair
and yada yada so it's not my fault .

Pictures : )

Micheal Jackson .

After awhile , they were like talking about IC
then only I find out that I forget about my IC
so I called my ahma and then she shouted at me
otp because she couldn't find my IC , I have too
many white colour bags and she couldn't find it.

Drived to school again , just to pass me my IC
then she gave me money : D


Around 8plus , went up to the bus and headed to LCCT.
Start taking pictures in the bus and those,
fooled around and yeah , pictures again ?

Reached LCCT not long after , listened to instructions
then headed to McD for breakfast .
Opened my first RockyStrawberryFlavored because
the opening is like gonna tear soon so might as well open it.
Have McMuffin .Sat with the boys , anyhow .

After an hour or so,we went and check in .
Our luggage and stuff , this is the best time to take pictures.

Don't look at me like that , what's wrong taking pictures ?


I like .

Look like some korean dude , omg.

More in facebook , check it out there.

Bryan, that little cute evil thing have been disturbing
when I'm trying to camwhore with people .
tsk ! seriously punch him lar .

Went in and waited for awhile for the flight.
Everyone's place is everywhere .
Sat inbetween Solomon and Donniena .
Solomon , my camwhore partner in the flight

Wasn't that bad in the flight .
Solomon taught me how to play show hand
and we kinda played blackjack , 50cents wtf.
I think i still owe him 50cents or is it 1buck.
LOL , kiamsiap people .

Reached Langkawi in a short time .

And then and then and then ,
we went to some mamak to eat
and then and then and then, wtf.
Checked in the hotel , room 004 .
Bad luck number .

Around 3pm , meet up at the lobby
then headed up to the hill for cable car.
The scenery there is really pretty .

Rachel , TianYang and I didn't went down
so we stayed up there with Puan Asmawati .
Before that , pictures taken up there.

Moving on , left the place around 5 or so .
The boys was jumping on the bridge like
some crazy monkay and I was holding
Tianyang's 100plus or Sprite , can't recall .
The water in it almost spilt out , ish .

Up to the bus by then , moodswing attacked .
Listened to songs with Yuhung's phone .
Didn't go to the zoo or something.
Stayed in the bus with the boys , saved 15bucks.

Then to dinner .

After that , we went to Eagle Square
unfortunately it starts raining so yeah.
Didn't have a picture there tho ,
it's too dark and it rains and those.

Then we headed to some shopping mall to shop xD
Bought alot of chocolates and the boys conned me.
40BUCKS , YOU KNOW !$$#!@$#%@#%#@

Bought two packets of M&M for 40bucks.
OMG ! I can even buy a mascara already TT
But , what is done is done T___________T

Back to the hotel , then shower .
Go to the boys room , to play games.
Played heartattack, screamed like crazy.
Back to the room around 1am .

Makherng called then Jas and I went to thier room.
Watched some snake show .
YuanQi was otp , Jas was sleeping so as Solomon,
Makherng was busy screaming .
Back to our room around 3am then sleep.

Wake up ,I'm the last as usual .
Ate breakfast , back to room to pack
then get ready for island hopping .
When we're out of the room then only we find out
we left our extra clothes in the room , how smart.

Went to some island and played on the beach.
Kevan kept putting sand into my shirt from the back
and then, the boys like Solomon , Mak pushed down
the water.Teacher did that to me too ! ish .

Pictures on the beach : )

After that, we went to Eagle Feeding ,
didn't get real clear pictures .
Jakunted when we saw white eagles .

After that, we went fishing .
Our boat got 2 fishes , HweeShan and Puan Norlin.
Enough said .

Pictures do the talking .

Teacher and her fish : )

Look at my oh so awesome flying hair LOL

Awesome : )

Have lunch at some island .
Solomon was teaching us how to eat crab LOL.
Half way , I gave up . ish, so mafan la.

Then went back to the hotel .
Washed up and those .
Changed and then get ready to the beach.

Chilled in the room first , of course.
Ate hello panda and all those stuff .
Then to the beach for volleyball.
Stood under the sun for like half an hour or so,
couldnt stand and back to the shade.
Plus , I was just standing there doing nothing.

Went back to hotel room .
Boys came around then messed up the whole room.
People get mad and those , cleaned up.
Didn't join the girls at the beach ,
went to the boys room and talked to them.

Then out for dinner , didn't go to the night market
because noone wants to .
Plus , Rachel wasn't feeling well tho .

Went back to the girl's room then played some music thing,
off the lights , tend to make it like a club but then it failed.
Then makherng and the others came ,
wanted to go for karoake but then , it's closed .
Renovation somomore !! potong like some bitch , ish .

Pictures taken by Bryan :

No karaoke by then , All camped in makherng's room.
Played cards and many more many more .
Everyone went back to their room by then .

One of the girls told me our room got ghost.
Plus , Solomon was scaring me like mad .
Forced the boys to follow me back to my room
to get my baby and change to my sleeping clothes.
I made them stand outside the toilet door ,
I was too scared so yeah .

Back to one of their room , they play ps till 4am, I guess.
I almost fell asleep but then they were screaming like crazy
and it wake me up again .

Went back to Yuhung's room then I hopped into their bed
because I'm afraid to sleep alone.
I squeezed inbetween them then they WOI-ed me ,
I didnt care and I still stay there till 4.30am i guess
then they cannot stand and throw me in the other room.

Tried to go back to the haunted room but then.
the room is locked so end up , went back to one of
their rooms and sleep.

Skipped breakfast and so , washed up then to the beach.
Ate Hello Panda then to the sea .
Sang songs in the sea .

It started to rain , after that .rushed back to our room.
I took shower first then packed up .
Rachel and TianYang was there .
I've no idea where the others go .

Then walk here and there to find my shades .
End up, it's in the room .
I almost scolded Bryan , luckily I didn't .

Then moved the luggage to teacher's room.
Stayed there till everyone start coming
Watched some show that makes us all very gancheong.
Puan Asmawati was screaming and screaming .
Not scared by the movie , but her .

Then after the movie , walked out of the hotel
to find a restaurant to eat .
Super duper long journey and finally ,
settled down at one chinese restaurant.
Majority of us went there .

Planned to order pork but then, no pork . wtf.
The boys complained and complained .

20bucks per person , then walk back to the hotel.
Back to the room and played heart attack , again.
Around 3pm , checked out.

Straight to the airport , chilled at starbucks.
Javachip . Spend most of the time there
then around 5pm , went in to wait for the flight.
The flight delayed and so .

Pictures .

Kena zha-ed like crap by the boys .
ish .

Went in to the flight .
Nicklaus kinda zha that fella .

My placing was sad , I sat inbetween unknowns
then end up , I sit alone and slept .
The flight was fast , Reached KL around er,
7pm or later . Nicklaus zhaed that fella again.

The boys keep zha me in the bus
and Idk why they find it fun .

Reached school around 8 .
Then Yuhung,JaeSern,Kevan,Nicklaus,YiZen,Bryan and I
walked to PappaRich for dinner .
XuehQi joined us later on .

They went home one by one.
As usual , We're the last one .
Went back to my place.
Camwhored a little then headed to cinema
for Jennifer's Body around 11.30pm .

Pictures .

The show was boring, actually.
If there's no Megan Fox, who will actually
spend ten bucks or more to watch it ,
a waste of time only .

And why did they made Megan Fox look so ugly in it.
Especially the part she eat boys , ew .
But still , she's one hot bitch .

3 days 2 nights is fucking fast .
When is the next , 3 dyas 2 nights again ?

This post is so freaking long , omg .
Guess , I should end here .

p.s More pictures in facebook , thank you =D

loves ,