Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'll try to make it without you .

Calvin's big day , today .
I still remember last year , I stared at the poster in my room
and forced my sister to sing him a birthday song.
My dad opened the door and asked us , who are we singing to
then I point at the poster , he gave me -.-' look.

So this year , I make SookMun & ZhiWei sing with me.
Not exactly sing, they just type it out .
Girls, since a long time we talk like that huh?
I think , I've been neglecting them again .
Will check out each other's schedule soon.
Yes , we have different circles of friends LOL.

Okay, why am I there LOL.

Wanted to update bout the gathering on sat , soon.
After Mel uploaded her pictures to facebook
so I can grab it and post it up here .
Plus, she have bought a freaking chun camera .

Well I think , those pictures will be posted here soon enough.

Last Saturday , have a small gathering with friends .

Yuhung texted me at 7.30am to wake me up
then , I replied "Aiyo,so early.Text me at 8am la".
But he didn't.He texted me at 8.50am instead
and he said that he's gonna reach in half an hour time.

I jump out from the bed , rush to the toilet and everything.
When I was wearing my clothes , he texted me again
and say , he's gonna reach.I was so panic because
I haven't dry my hair yet so everything is so rushing.

He reached around 9.15am and yeah, start gossiping.
That's what girls do, not ?

XuehQi reached around ten , then we talk and yeah,
all those.Waited for Bryan to finish his gym in school -.-
Finally reached around 11am or later .

p.s I have a major stomachache that morning , sad .

Walked to Sunway Pyramid , got movie tickets .
Have lunch at Carl's Jr . Suetteng & Mel came for awhile.
Walked around , then headed to cinema .

And ,

I wanted to watch Ninja Assassin since Rain is the main character in it
but then , we watched Ninja.And , Ninja Assasin is only out
at November 26 , wtf fml fml fml >.<

Sat inbetween Yuhung and Bryan , they trying to scare me .

Me : Where's Rain Where's Rain ?!
Bryan : there , it's raining .
Me : zha dao .

So, we watched the wrong show -.-

Idc , I'll drag the same people to watch Ninja Assassin
with me when it's out , so as New Moon and 2012 .

After the show , hung around in Sunway Pyramid.
Then walk back home .

Pictures first .


camwhore #1

camwhore #2

note the face , if you see clearly . it's bryan's hands, btw.

yuyu LOL


Was suppose to watch "where got ghost" & "drag me to hell"
but then , my stupid DVD player couldn't work.
Yuhung tried to fix it but then, it still doesn't work
so nevermind .

Surf the net bout things .
Lazy to elaborate .

There still pictures in Mel's ohsochio camera
and Yuhung's phone . Will try to get it , soon.
If I'm not lazy xD

I like to name my friends ,
you have a problem with it : O

My family members keep decreasing these few years
and yes , more and more babies .

How nice if you're still little , right ?
You cry when you're sad , You laugh when you're happy.
Noneed to fake . Cool, no?

heaven or hell ? LOL

twins <3

Yes , Twins is freaking cute : D

Yes , I molested all of them .

Last but not at least ,

The cute one who grow a year older , today <3