Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tryst , ss15 .

There is no doubt that coffee and cafes have been mushrooming over places and almost every two weeks, there will be a new one in town. I haven't try them all, and I wouldn't go to every new ones because I bet it's going be really crowded. 

Tryst in SS15 have attracted me with the concept of coffee ; with availability of shisha. 

That is like two favorite things of mine. 

& I didn't expect them to put in so much in the interior design featuring the old school vintage coffee shop . The availability of food was good too. I heard that their pancakes were good, but that day I was too filled. 

Cappucino, as usual and it wasn't bad at all. It couldn't be compared to the famous one but mild enough to my liking. I dislike how some cafes serve cappuccino tasteless , and I could taste water instead of milk. And as exaggerating as it seems, I get mad if I have a bad coffee for the day. 

Piccolo Latte .

And complimentary shots to prove how relax the ambiance are with the beauty of caffeine in a cup. 

Totally love they have the design of old treasure box as the table :)

& of course , me with my cup of coffee!

From my waving hand, you should know that this is not fake candid lol.

& Ming whom love coffee as much as I do!

love this picture :)

We did some catch up, talking about coffee and just lie there like a sloth . I bet noone would wanna sit on the couch a few months later. And it was comfortable indoor and quiet. People who wanna shisha would sit outside or upstairs. I really love how they start to match everything together. 

It's weird, but definitely worth it . Not to mention that it's affordable :)

You don't need to travel far anymore for a good coffee. I really hope they open more cafes in subang and everyone would come down, instead.

Tryst , is located just right opposite of the famous SS15 rojak. Go try it someday!