Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ephipany Cafe.

Ara Damansara is now starting to get well-known with cafés and restaurants which serves good food with affordable price , aside from Royal Flush. My friends and I visited Epiphany Café , since the other cafe which I wanted to try is not open on Sundays.
They have a coz interior which is good for a lazy afternoon with a book or spending all your time online , definitely not a studying place as the lights is romantically dim. I guess it would be really comfortable for catching up sessions , or going on dates since they play slow jazz songs which was pretty calming.

Unfortunately, they ran out of coffees which my friends desire to try out like green tea latte and only have a few cakes on the shelve to be served to the customers . It was pretty disappointing to have minimum choices on that day so , we didn't order much . Aside of that, it's also our second round.



cappuccino , which is pretty fine and It might be a little too strong for beginners since they offer two shots as basics.

chocolate banana cake , which tasted pretty good. The chocolate taste wasn't too strong and the slimy banana didn't taste as bad as it look. The texture was really soft as you can see the cake was falling off half way , and the cream was just as nice as it should be. Hmmm.
And that's all I could do for you because we only bother to catch up over time and take pictures because , we are all separated and too busy with our lives. From the same high school and now all to different units. Its great to see us move along with life, in a good way.


Bernice .
It has been a while , hehe.


It has been a while, girls. Despite how terrible we look here due to the bad lightning they have.


& also, the boys were actually there.

oh well, how did you spend your Sundays ?