Sunday, March 9, 2014

Black on Black.

Just another random day out to Pavilion , deciding to dress up in all black. I wasn't feeling gloomy but it's just those days where I would like to dress up , featuring in black following the vogue magazine. 

and coincidentally on that day itself, there's a Tag Heuer we went to check it out. I never understand about watches, and I don't even have one because I think my phone is good enough for me. Besides that, it's pointless because I'm always late - which is a super bad habit. But I could promise that it improvise already. I still remember that the boys was super obsessed , wanting every design on display while I just walk over to the gallery side .  

More to the watch,  I was just looking at the artist whom is wearing the watches. I love to visit galleries with pictures only. This remind me that, I've missed Chanel's Little Black Jacket exhibition in Singapore which I cannot get over with.

We ended up at Ippeudo Ramen for dinner , because I haven't tried it yet and people is going crazy with how good the ramen is ; and to be honest , I think I find better ramen in Hokkaido place in The Gardens. After all, I think it's too pricey for a bowl of ramen or maybe I just expected more .

Unagi Rice , RM 11.

This is really good. I actually like it. Unfortunately , the size of this portion is ridiculously saddening. 

I chose the Basic Ramen ( which I dont know the name) , RM 28

The soup was fine , and I chose the texture to be medium . I don't really like my noodles too hard or too soft which make me feel like it's soggy. It was fine , but definitely not going to be my favorite one. 

That heart shape ice cream was really good!

and of course, my ootd .

I really like the Bambi design last season. 

Will feature it on #whatiwear post.