Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Artisan Roast HQ.

That is me with CH shades at Artisan Roast HQ on a Sunday afternoon while waiting for Ming because she went to the restroom. 

Somehow , I just find the picture in sync since they are all in brown shades.

Before anything , pictures first -

feeling much?


Red Velvet.

And more pictures which I'll be featuring on my tumblr ;

Ming's floral cover notebook containing a whole long list of cafe which she wants to visit.

She do that homework, all the time.

It's no doubt that Artisan serves a good cup of coffee. Well, I only visit the branch in Bangsar and it was overall excellent so I decided to visit the main branch as well, hoping that it would be the same. It let me down tho. It was really hot inside , and the staff seemed to be impatient. I see them toppled my red velvet cake while serving. Self - service wasn't a problem , but that doesn't mean you should topple my cake - my favorite red velvet cake. 

The next time, I think I'll stick to the bangsar branch. 

But doesn't mean I don't have mood for selfies .

And lastly ;

I think this is damn funny.


This is my random Sunday, how about yours?