Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Conditori La Glace

I don't start my morning until I have at least a cup of coffee. 

My visit to Copenhagen was short but good enough to have everything that makes that special covered. The first thing I think of when I'm awake is to have a good cup of coffee preferably with pastries. 

The weather was really great that day. 

It wasn't too cold and there is a slight sun in the noon. I think Copenhagen is a place where I would love to visit again. The people and things there are just beautiful - as in, it spread out good vibes. Everyone is so chill and not as ignorant as the people in London city. 

I asked around about places with good pastries and was told that Conditori La Glace will be the perfect place. 

They are the oldest since they are founded on 1870 and voted as the best confectionary in Denmark. This old-fashioned coffee shop offers pastries and different kinds of cakes with the recipe which was passed down through generations. 

Look at them on display.

The place is pretty huge and very busy. However, the waiting does not take very long. I expected it to be very noisy but the noise was fine. Everyone was really chill enjoying a cuppa with a slice of cake. This is the scene where gives us a lot of comfort especially on a weekend. 

random selfie , lol.

We ordered a classic set which consists of four pastries of our choice with coffee and juice. 

The teapot of the coffee is rather tiny but their coffee is refillable and it's noted as one of their traditions to allow people whom visit La Glace to stay a little longer to enjoy their noon. Not to mention that, their black coffee is good. They are thick enough. 

Usually refillable black coffee is very light but they brew them to perfection. 

I know that the cake which is looks like it's clotted with heavy cream isn't appetizing but I promise that it's good. 

The cake is named 'Sportskagen' which means the Sports cake which consist of crushed nougat with heavy whupped cream with macaroon bottom and caramelized choux pastry. 

This slice of cake would be perfect for the ones who love sweet stuff. 

I think it was really sweet however, it goes very well with a cup of black coffee.

Morning face, tsk .

I find this picture artistic. It gives me a lot of feels. 

Ah, when I grow old, I would want spend my time like this too.

till then x.

Conditori La Glace - Skoubogade 3, 1158 København K, Denmark