Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fat Boy Cooks Real Food.

My friends & I decided to have Sunday brunch in Bad Boy cooks Real Food since Mr & Mrs was filled with people. And really, I don't like to wait and I can't because I was too hungry. I have seen fine reviews about this place saying that the food is good and the price is cheap. 

So, I think it's a must try. 

You can see the price range over here ; which definitely save you some money for the next round. 

Arrabiata ; at only RM 9 !

Al funghi ;  RM 9 

Lamb Chop ; RM 14

Beef Nachos ; RM 6

Beef Burger ; RM 15

Fish Fillet ; RM 11

iforgethename ; RM13

The price is actually pretty cheap, and by adding RM1 you would get a choice of drink you desire on the list. Tbh, I do not really like anything else aside of the spaghetti which was pretty generous in portion and the taste. I totally don't get the sauce they put over the fried shrimp or fish fillet which was cold, not to mention a little tasteless and watery. 

I would recommend you here for the cheap price ; and spaghetti. Maybe the nachos was quite satisfying but still not up to the standard I expected. 

Till then.