Monday, October 27, 2014

Hakata Ippudo Ramen.

That's me with just sunscreen on and my hair in a mess. I remember that I had to wake up by 10am. I am not a morning person, thus this is how things turn out. I'm a little lazy and I'm too comfortable with Zhi Wei so I basically don't care. 

We head over to Bangar Shopping Centre for lunch because I woke up an hour late, lol. And I insisted to go there for Ippudo Ramen because she owes me one. I am making her buying me this meal - insisted for this meal for god knows how long. 

I've been to the branch in Pavilion and personally, I think the ramen is slurping good. Not to mention about how tender the pork is and how thick and flavourful the soup is , they also allow us to choose the texture of our noodles which is all good. It's nice how we can alter our dish based on our preference. 

I never knew that they offer lunch promo set which is really affordable. One bowl of ramen cost RM26 to RM45 based on what kind you choose. Yes, just a bowl of ramen without anything.
The lunch promo set offers a bowl of ramen, with side dish of your choice either mini braised beef rice or vegetable salad with japanese dressing and a cup of green tea. 

The lunch set is priced at RM29.90 , and wadafak they sell a bowl of ramen at RM26 ( cheapest price, lol). 

You kidding me? 

Please visit this place from 1130am-3pm  for this lunch set promo because it's really worth it. 

However, the cons is you only have four choice of ramen - and trust me that, these four choice is their best sellers so there's no need to worry about the quality of food. 

Super mini Braised Beef with Onion Rice. This is definitely something japanese , and it was tasty. Even the portion is little, I couldn't finish it. I was already full from the bowl of goodness. 

My choice of Ramen : - Akamaru Shinaji 

The soup is rich with the scent of garlic oil and blended miso paste , and it tasted so good. They claimed that this bowl is a more modernise and refined ramen. I never thought that there's a revolution in ramen, lol. 

Soup is the soul of the bowl of ramen, I swear. 

I hate how some japanese restaurant just serve ramen with soy sauce or soy sauce based soup which kills the originality of ramen. Besides that, I hate it when my noodles gets all salty due to the bad soup they provide. And some of them even cook the noodles so soft that it loses all its textures making it taste like soggy instant noodles. gr. 

Alright, I take my ramen over seriously. lol. 

Her choice of ramen : Shiromaru Motoaji 

This is the classic Hakata Style ramen , and of course the best selling among the all. Everyone wants to try this traditional bowl and I swear it's good. I had this the last time so I chose the other one. The choice of pork here is pork loin while my bowl was pork belly. I'll recommend this if it is the first time you visit Ippudo. 

This will never go wrong ,and also be the reason you return. 

To show you how mini the rice is. 

Don't worry about the portion of your ramen because it's pretty hearty. I couldn't finish a bowl by myself but I finished up the soup. The soup is really good! 

The reason of me blogging about Ippudo Ramen again is to introduce you guys the lunch promo set which I think is really worth it. Sometimes we just get restrained with what we have in our pockets , but no worries. You will still have good ramen with this set with side dish even!

They have different menu for lunch and dinner so take note.  

The ramen is too good that you can't see her eyes, lol. 

That's me with zero make up. 

Have a good bowl of ramen, everyone !