Friday, March 14, 2014

In HKD #8

I guess this might be one of the last post I would do for hongkong which was three months ago , and I can't believe that three month has passed. Or maybe, I'll like to review more things in hongkong after I look through my pictures again. And my outfit reminds me how great the atmosphere was in hongkong for Christmas - I love chilly weather. 

And most of all, I didn't gain weight from the trip but lose weight - and now, it's on the way back to where is was which is scaring me. 

After a few days of typical hongkong breakfast, we decided to head for a westernize one so we just drop by a random cafe selling pastries and salad etc in The Landmark. I totally forget about the name of the cafe but the pastry was good , so as the coffee. The price isn't doing justice tho, but hongkong is well known that the price is slightly higher for food. Forget about getting anything below 30HKD which could fill up your stomach. Even basic Wantan Mee cost you 38HKD. 

But, I like the breakfast we had. 

And, they give you a big candle instead of the tiny pots of flowers we have here. 

And more pictures with the rest because we're flying home the next day. You can never get enough of snapping pictures over there because every corner is beautiful. I love seeing fashionista on the streets because we rarely see anyone dressing up in their own style because people here normally judge. But over there, you can just wear whatever you want and name it fashion. If you walk by the side of Bukit Bintang street, I think those who are in the car or passed by will think - ' Siao ah this person.' 

Loving this ootd picture the best, because it's all blue! 

It coordinates so well. 

And more ootd outside of Armani Dolci , which is chocolate whom is under the brand of Armani.

No joke.

This chocolate is in line with Giorgio Armani, Armani Exhange and Armani Jeans. But they sell chocolate, not clothes. 

After dinner,  

we head to  -

I have been looking toward this street the most because I have read so much online that the night life over there was good. It's true that there is people everywhere , and it's really happening. 

You just have to take picture with the signboard to show that you're there. You can- because you're a tourist.

Unfortunately that night, we didn't head to any club that I had researched but just to settle down at the bar featuring 80s playlist. It was a loss but also another reason for me to return back to LKF :)

The next day right before our flight, we decided on last minute shopping and a 5 star good dimsum in Times Square . I swear the dimsum was so good that, it's worth the price on the bill. 

Favorite Lao Sha Bao.

And I went to 3CE counter and spent so much money...

But it was worth it.

Haul for the day!

I just had to post this because this goose rice cost me freaking RM50 ; which is around 90 over HKD . Even though it's good but RM50 for this is too much. I had this in hongkong airport , and I hope you guys will think twice before ordering it.

And lastly my ootd before boarding,


This is a super girly coordinate if you notice. It was my favorite of all .

Looking at this picture make me miss hongkong already. Despite there are some bad times, there are still good ones worth remembering. I think it's true that every trip give you another lesson, letting you understand something better. Perhaps you just see difference in a different lifestyle , and learn that some things are meant to be and some are not. 

If you have doubts , always go on a vacation.

You will always get an answer. trust me.