Sunday, March 23, 2014

Frisky Goat, TTDI.

So , Xiuming and I always make impromptu brunch date since we are currently the nearest to each other because everyone just stay far away. This time, we planned to travel a little further to TTDI to try out the new place in town which serve waffles - and we both love waffles.


We should have know that going on Sunday is a bad idea because everyone would be out for family day or Sunday Brunch, so we waited for almost 30 minutes or more for seats. We were so hungry that we don't even have any energy to complain . And the power of waffles is that great that I don't want to leave. 

Still waiting .

And after ten minutes or more, 
our food finally came.

Our eyes were sparkling , I swear. 

Classic Belgium Waffles ,
which was quite hearty in portion. 

Monsieur Ben Waffles

It's more yummy that how it is illustrated here, and I recommend this . I think savory waffles will be more feeling , and eggs is always does justice to my food. 

I'm hungry but , 

I have time for -

ps , uncle why you photobomb me

this angle, yummm

I swear that the waffles are really good and I am really amazed with how they could come up with the different kind of dishes. I can't wait to try other things next time.

Before I end the post ,

here is a picture of me and ming .