Thursday, March 27, 2014

Rekindle, SS2 .

Ever since I started uni, my days seemed shorter and I barely have time for anything. My time management is so bad - I can't wake up in the morning and sleep at the correct time at night. I guess the past 6 months holidays have screwed my body clock up. 

So one fine afternoon , my coursemates and I decided to grab a drink together after two months of meeting each other.

We settled down at Rekindle at SS2, which is very near to my campus. 

The macaroons they offer is definitely tempting. I bet you chocolate lovers will visit for nutella macaroons. 

I like the comfortable setting in the cafe . They don't only offer basic vintage type of table and chairs. They have an area where you can sit on the floor and get comfortable. It will definitely be a bliss if you are hanging out with your friends - and there is where we were. The music they play is soothing too. 

Vintage bike in the Rekindle.

And of course, a cafe should serve good cakes and coffee.

This is the Nutella drink YX order where the nutella will clot up become chocolate at the bottom after sometime. It feels like you're eating nutella from the jar. The size of this drink is definitely worth the price. 

Red Velvet , as usual.

My cappucino with basic coffee art.

We spent almost two hours in the cafe before heading home and contributed to the jam. The traffic is insane. 

This is for instagram purpose, and to show how much I love the setting of the cafe at the counter. 

This cafe is good and comfy but unfortunately, I don't think I'll return here because there's nothing I particularly like about this place. Maybe I would return for the macaroons but I don't really like them. I always think that they are too sweet. 

But it was a good visit.

And this is what they have outside the store which is particularly the #quoteoftheday .

So what have you done today to feel thankful in future?