Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Espresso Lab.

I am back for more coffee updates. I just realise that I spent so much on coffee and I guess this would be something I wanna do when I'm free. Even if there is no companion , I will still do it alone - by bringing a book to read or my tablet to do some blogging. Sometimes you just need to spend some alone time with yourself , that's if you don't feel lonely. Alright , call me a loner.

I visited Espresso Lab which is newly open in ss15. I heard about them having good coffee and cake , but always have the problem with their storee as they are normally small as seen in the branch in ou. But the newly open branch in ss15 is a two storey store which enable more place for people to chill ; or even spend their lazy afternoon. There is a pros and cons to things - well , good luck finding parking in the noon.

This is really weird but I visited it at night around 10pm , since they close at 12am. Don't ask me why I do coffees at night, amounting to torturing myself unable to fall asleep then having to wake up in the early morning. I'm such a sadist to myself.

That's me trying to connect to the wifi . A total candid picture. 


for instagram purpose ; 

Tiramisu , which was really good. I like how every layer is define with the taste. The topping was coated with caramel, which is one of my favorite flavor. 

Oreo Crepe Cake which was great . Crepe cake had never let me down. I think this is worth trying , but I'll prefer the tiramisu more . 

Focus on the background.

Then on the cake .

Tell me my photography skills with my phone improved :-)

Still thinking what is this .. was it a snowman or... ?

The cappucino was pretty fine. I only ask for a shot since it's already so late. Maybe it was my request which made something lacking. My love for caffeine is so strong . This is just like a drug I choose to indulge in without any guilt. However, the focus was on the cake instead of the coffee. 

The cakes is reaaaaally good. 

This is me without any make up except for my brows for a last minute hang out. I don't always post bare faces so appreciate this one. 

I'm going to return for the cakes. It might be a little more pricey but definitely worth it.