Monday, February 3, 2014

Tous Les Jours.

I have been wanting to visit Tous les Jours for a quite sometime , ever since it was in Bangsar but I didn't had a chance to. I was pretty glad I didn't because if so, I wouldn't have a chance to head to the newly open branch right infront of H&M , Lot 10 at Bukit Bintang. I have to be honest that I love how their interior is , and really it looks pretty. So the other day, CK brought me down to KL to do some shopping and listened to my whining the whole way through because of the regretful decision I had made about my brows. Oh god, they almost save all my brows - and I was so upset. 

Before doing shopping, we have SUPER LATE brunch at Tous les Jours which was at 4pm lol. I am pretty curious about how a French-Asian Korean bakery would work. 

I swear that the pastries all look really pretty. 

The place is very crowded, and too noisy to my liking. I was so disappointed about how the leave their bread there to go hard , and not planning to heat up for the customers. Not to mention there's so much flies flying around the pastry. I should have listened to XM about her warning me about getting disappointed at their bread , but I insisted to give it a try. However, the atmosphere doesn't remind you that you are in KL. It's pretty but still, noisy. It's not a place where you want to spend your lazy Sunday afternoon with a good book. 

I never feel so good girl for so long.

I can't believe how greedy I am. We spend close to 70 , around rm65 for two person. I was over excited so I grab alot of pastries. We also order from their menu since he haven't eaten anything yet. I order a bowl of mushroom soup because I want to find out whether Levain serves better - and Levain still got the crown. 

A good afternoon need to come with two cup of good drinks so I had green tea latte and he had cappucino.

THUMBS UP for Green Tea Latte.

I really love how big the cup is , and not to mention the design of the cup is cute - just like how all the koreans like. It's around RM10-13 or so for their drinks but truly worth it.

And our greedy food pictures which filled up the small table!

I forget what is this called but, it taste really good!

I think it was the breakfast set. It's good to have warm things since our bread is hard and cold -.-

Our bread was hard, as I mentioned. The croissant was disappointing ): We didn't finish this , of course. As much as I don't want to waste food, we really couldn't force ourselves to swallow it down. We packed but in the end, we just let it rot to die at home. I bet you guys are giving the stare of being ungrateful for food as the African kids are starving real badly.

Mushroom soup was pretty nice. I like!

And our drinks! 

I really have limited babydoll lace dress , and I really like this tile colour. Loving this picture despite still being upset about my brows ):

And this is me being awkward with the bicycle , pretending to be a tourist TT

I think there are better cafes or bakery out there which could beat TLJ flat but the drinks are worth coming back for - so as the food on brunch menu . I didn't want to try any cake because they are apparently famous for their bread but the bread was so hard - I could say, terrible. 

I'd advise that you come for breakfast and drinks for a long catch up or so because it's comfortable.

till then.