Thursday, February 13, 2014

Departure Lounge.

While I was arranging my photos from HK, I accidentally found these sets of photos which I save in the same album by mistake. It didn't really matter because there's none of my face because I look terrible.

My friends and I hang out until 4am in the mamak to catch up. CK suggested to hang out until in the morning without sleep. I can't believe I consent to that , and actually I have no choice because I didn't drive there. I guess things are just better when it's unplanned , or random. It's tiring but definitely fun.

So we spent our whole night doing absolutely nothing other than annoying each other and google where to head for breakfast.

So, we chose Departure Lounge which opens at 8am and we park right infront of the place at 730am and barge in the moment it opens. 

God, it was hell funny. 

It's really cozy there . 

They even have an area with cupboards of old books , to give an idea of how English houses are. It's really shaping up my morning despite how tired I am. 

And they serve hearty breakfast . 

It's nice where they give you a form , and you could choose a combination which you desire to start your day!

This is mine and the others was too hungry so we didn't have a complete nice brunch picture.

And also,
I was still using 4s so these pictures are bad.

Before I end this short post,
I'll scare you with all of our zombie faces.

And everything is better in Black and white.

till then.