Saturday, February 22, 2014

In HKD #7

That's how I look like standing in temperature of 15 degree Celsius or less, trying to smile thinking that I will definitely look fab in the picture with the pretty background - and obviously, it proves me wrong. 

It's really hard to accept that the lights are actually real because they definitely look like digital background for photoshoot purpose. It was breathtaking , and I couldn't find any words to explain how beautiful it was. The wind was strong, and my hair went all over my face but it didn't force me to get indoors. It's a bliss if there is a good glass of wine , or maybe a hot cup of latte . 

I leave it without any filter. 

I swear there isn't any editing aside of resizing the picture. The tall buildings of HK did a good job , by not just providing shelter in these small land but also gives us a breathtaking view. 

God, I miss this. 

You have no idea how much effort we have put in to take clear pictures of our shots. I could say that it was asian level x 10000000 . We used the torchlights from our phone to ensure that our face could be seen. No, flash isn't a choice. 

And if there's no flash and no asian level x 100000 torchlight


I'll end up looking like a ghost.

Yeah thanks.

The camera doesn't like me . 

I swear Chinkeat takes the best photos with the girls. 

"I hope that this picture will bring you back to me, remembering how we once were."

Does it match?

KW , me , with the wind. 

I really wish I have more time to visit this kind of places . I enjoy looking at the views , city lights preferably. I don't like to be disturbed when I let myself go , looking at them. To be honest, I might look dramatic staring into space with my facial expression scrunch up all together. But what I had in my mind was beyond words. It brings so much past memories, feelings and all sorts of thing which will lead me to another person in future. It calms me down in a way .

Still, I think it would be perfect with a wine despite the weather is cold. 

Last picture to resemble how much feelings I felt back then ; when this expression just tell you how annoyed I am with the wind spoiling the whole picture.