Tuesday, February 11, 2014

In HKD #6

I have sorted out so many post for hong kong , and I guess I am slowly losing the track of plan to update them. I'll keep on updating till the very last day of this trip to reminiscence. And of course, some updates about this country is unrelated to whatever I've done over there. Some pictures just give me some special feelings I want to deliver. 

And train, is always our main transport because we promised not to take the cab unless it's desperate measures.  

We finally have Dim Sum for breakfast!

I was pretty excited as I have heard good comments about the dimsum and now, I could say that the dimsum they serve here is nothing compare to the ones over there. Though the price isn't cheap, but I swear every penny is worth it. Aside of that, we chose the most authentic and counted as reasonable price one around the corner before shopping. 

No, that is of course not all of them.



The weather was slightly colder today compare to the previous days and I guess my sweater is now put in good use. I love how my red hair matches up all the outfit I brought. Now, I'm really missing this red velvet hair I have. ):

We went to Times Square and go on separate ways. The girls wanted to head to F21 and the boys wanted to stack up their branded goods. Before that, we went to the main entrance and do what a tourist supposed to do. Christmas decorations was really pretty!

Now I really miss my hair ):

And three of us girls with the cute sleeping reindeer !

This picture speaks up so much of feelings. I wanted this to be on insta but unfortunately I took this with my camera instead of my phone. I still have 4s back then, and the phone quality was REALLY bad that I have to ask the boys to snap pictures for me with their phone. They even laugh at me for not having airdrop -.-

We didn't have any time for coffee break so I went over to Agnes B. cafe and grab a cup of coffee to fix my caffeine addiction.

And the famous long escalator..

And we went to the try very famous ' 车仔面” for dinner two streets away from the mall. We had to line up because the crowd was mad , and the place was a little small. We have to divide into two tables. 

I chose pork , beef belly and wantan as the topping. You can different kind of topping as you desire, much to your own liking. I always like mihun and it's the least fattening one. It's really saddening that I have to take care of my weight too. I wouldn't wanna gain anything back in this trip. 

This simple bowl of noodles was really good. The soup based is really tasty. It's so nice to have a good bowl of noodles in the cold weather. This is one of the most simplest dinner we have so far, and yet the most satisfying one. I feel like a local. 

I'm running out of time so, I'll tease you about what I'm going to update next.

Breathtaking , isn't it? 

The Peak! :)