Friday, February 21, 2014

With my sister.

I brought my sister , Jessie to my favorite cafe because she is really curious about how 'good' it is. She doesn't do coffee, but good brunch so I wanted her to try the cakes and waffles over there. Thinking that it will be a good time to bring her for a super late lunch like 4-5pm would be saving me some bucks since it's close to dinner time , but in the end it burnt one big hole in my pocket for drinks. 

I appreciate art - in this case, coffee art.

The savory waffle is so damn good. 

Both of us give it a two thumbs! 

Then we add mocha because she wanted to try.

thus, more food pictures!

No, it's not fake candid.

The people there actually say that , they have improve their choice of food and this savory waffle is one of the newbies in the list.


I swear this is all candid . And she told me that, there is no need for ootd anymore. I didn't intend to take one, but she say that I just have to because of my polo tee. We both have the same mindset of , polo tee is not worth 300bucks. I don't even know why did I purchase it tho. 

Oh well, 
Somebody please remind me to hit the gym.