Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Garage 51.

It's irony how I'm so close to Garage 51 & I never visit there often. My family isn't that kind who enjoy a 10bucks coffee in a nice interior surroundings. They would prefer to pay maximum of rm5 to get a coffee, drink it quick and move on with the rest of the day. Or maybe, I am that lazy to even move around. 

The other day , JS was craving for pasta and I went online to check reviews. Some blog lied to me that Garage 51 serve pastas , and they do but not in the morning. 

Oh well, we still could have other things. -.-' 

And, they even offered Yee Sang for CNY.

Talking about Marketing, I think they did a good job for this but none of us will expect something chinese in a place like this.Either way, I will prefer to do lou sang in Chinese restaurant. The vibe is just different. 

Coffee Art appreciation pictures. 

The coffee is as good as Coffee Societe's . 

I don't know what is this , but he told me that it's all meat , cheese and egg which doesn't look really appetizing to me. It's pretty small in size so guys, please don't order something like this.

My Atlantic. 

Egg Benedict with salmon is always safe. There's some smell in the salmon , so I assume that it's not fresh. 

The coffee was good but the food was disappointing and if I return , I am either desperate for coffee or I am just there for coffee . No more food!

There's nothing better than having a good brunch with someone you would want to spend sometime with , despite no conversations. It was awkwardly comfortable. It's just something that you will acknowledge at one point. & it will ring in the back of your mind that you would want this to always happen and wish the one opposite of you to feel the same - even though knowing that nothing last forever. 

It's cheeky , but I didn't forget how it feels like despite that this happen long time ago.

And sometimes I ask myself, 
how long is forever , and eternity . 

gosh , I think I could be an alright author if I have good grammar. 

till then.