Thursday, February 20, 2014

First step into 20 at Play, The Roof.

I've decided to skip a few post in line , because I don't want this post to be too delayed. After all, I don't really snap pictures in the club unless there's an event or anything. This is something more major because, it's MingLi's 20th birthday.

She held her birthday bash at Play, the Roof on a saturday. 

I don't think there is any details for me to talk about because like they say, what happens in the club stays in the club. (PS ; i just don't remember anything) 

The view was great due to the city lights. The music was okay and I think the DJ doesn't coordinate the music very well. Like seriously - wrecking ball remix doesn't work in the club. The crowd was awesome because everyone dress classy and nobody attempt to just go ahead and grind on each other. If you finding for very happening atmosphere , just go to zouk. I like how I don't sweat much and there is enough spaces for people to move around. I guess, this is one of the higher end club. I can't wait to try out providence tho. 

Cheers for Moet - my favorite champagne. 

Oh god no, I don't stay like this with my champagne the whole night but we just have to follow the sequence of how the picture goes. 


Noh, he is not a Korean. You have no idea how funny this guy can get. 

failed attempt.

Lysha & I , and this is one of my favorite pictures of the night.

Ming, whom you guys should be familiar with . Loving how both of us are in black!

And then, the birthday girl joins in. She had to go around . 

And the night begins with more photos taken ;

KW in Kenzo! 

Loving how our coordinate matches. His red pants can match with my red cheeks! 

CK :) <3 p="">

Look at the background. The view was magnificent and I think people who dine in Signature, The Roof is really going to have a great night - especially if you enjoy looking at city light like this. Imagine the view behind with a glass of wine , simple good food and a companion. It would be perfect.

I hope you realized that I'm now holding whiskey instead of champagne .

I'll end it with this picture because this is my favorite out of all the pictures.

Happy birthday, Mingli.
I hope the first step out of the teenage years is going to make you a greater person than you have been before. I can't wait to join you next. This year, sadly we have not make any promises when last year we have rainbow cakes. The night was great, the party was awesome .