Saturday, February 15, 2014

Simple Afternoon.

I was stuck in a very bad jam and I had nothing to do. I don't look like that anymore because my hair grew- which is a good thing. It's sick how my thin brown brows and my shoulder length hair slowly pull me to the girly cute side which I don't intend to be. I am never cute , in looks or personality. So, I personally despite how I actually look when people around actually give two thumbs up for a change. 

And how was your Valentine;s Day? :)

Mine was just.... zzz nevermind. 

Before CNY, Jacinth and I travel down to Levain to spend our lazy afternoon because we are so free. Aside of that, we couldn't think of anywhere to go and Levain was the nearest. To be honest, I don't think I would want to head back there. 

Must have cappucino. 

This pavlova is huge , and only cost RM8.80 .
This is definitely a sharing portion between ALOT of people , and the two of us just get sick of the sweetness after a few bites. This is not the best pavlova I've eaten. The best is still , Alexis. The texture was disappointing and it didn't immediately melt in my mouth. 

However, it's a good camwhoring tool .

It is as big as my face haha. 

Nutty Tiramisu .

I recommend this because I like how soft the cake is , pairing with the nut on top was really good. Not to mention that there are some nuts in the cream too :p

Must take picture like this! hahaha.

The pavlova has to go waste. 

I just realized how barbaric both of us are when it comes to eating -.-

And outfit of the day , outside of Levain. 

And then, 
we decided to go for some last minute CNY shopping. 

loving this pic of us, and so far the favorite.

till then.