Sunday, February 9, 2014

Charlie Chaplin ; with candles.

In my favorite flower print in B&W , and have a hint of gold in the whole outfit together with red lips. I really hope the previous sentence make you realize how much I love the combination of my outfit from that occasion. 

This is back to January where we have to celebrate JS birthday beforehand since it's close to CNY where everyone have to head back to their hometown. We didn't have any restaurant in mind until I read about One City on twitter that afternoon itself. I woke up at 10am to bake the cake and I'm so glad that it's edible , but of course it's not yummy. That's not the point. 

we decided to dine in Charlie Chaplin in One City.

I like the concept of the restaurant which reminds us of the famous silent actor back in 80s , Charlie Chaplin. I guess the owner appreciates art alot . To me, I think Charlie Chaplin is an artisan because he didn't just do filming and also contribute alot to filming industry , and his whole life was a drama. He influence people , and people still talk about him despite him leaving this world eleven years ago. 
Not a fan of him, but a fan of art .

And I love how the soft lightning works in their interior. It's not as dark as Alexis that you have to use your phone to read the menu, but it's good enough for a nice quiet dinner. 

And the small stage they have right infront of our table upstairs with a huge poster of him from a scene from his famous play , with his famous quote about being an actor. 

Selfie while waiting for our food.

They have a fine dine concept with an affordable price. So we had a set each for RM39.90++ including of soup,a drink with a choice of coffee or juice, a choice of pasta, a slice of pizza and dessert - brownie cupcake. 

Mushroom soup with Truffle Cream.

And of course they don't just name it mushroom soup. I have to name them because I don't remember the bombastic french name which I can't pronounce. 

Cabonara with Mushroom and Herbs.

Pasta Fruit of Sea .

I ordered this because of the name and surprisingly, it taste good . Recommend Recommend!

Mexican Chicken Pizza.

Oh well, I think this is nice but most of them don't agree. Look at the plate with Charlie Chaplin print - how cute :)

Sorry, this is the best I could do because I'm getting worry of my cake . This taste so good that I bet my cake is nothing compared to this. 

I was really hungry!

What I could say is, since they're pretty new so they had a mess with their services. Everything was pretty havoc that night . Fine dine concept means that the food will serve slow , but it's ridiculous to not serve our sets on the same time. It's funny how I finished my soup , and my friend's one hasn't arrive. I really don't like the fact that one of us is eating the main course and the other is having dessert. It's not in sync. 

Outfit of the night.

And I love how classy the place look. Even just by the stairs. It's really romantic. 

Oh god, this look pretty bad but I'm not a designer so..

I baked Vanilla Moist cake with Nutella spread on top and then icing at the side - placing chocolate crumbles on top. I wanted to do Chocolate cake but it will be too much of chocolate. I'm never a baker but I tried. 

And before I bring them up to everyone's eyes , I just need to take a picture to prove that I am the mastermind behind this piece incase it's nice ...

oh well...



I believe that is not because he like the cake but being awkward. 

Only Ming is the odd one with our dark colours :)

This is on the inside where all my chocolate chip is on top .

I actually baked the cake with a rice cooker! :)

It was all great especially when he pay the bill . Priceless picture. 

And we went for a second round at iDarts .

I swear they have the best toilet mirror . Who actually have spotlights right beside the mirror!


My girls and I ; 

That mark an end to everything and we took this picture when we are already half tipsy so yeah..

It was a great night after all. 

Happy Birthday.