Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ministry of Coffee , Solaris.

This post is way delayed back to the fifth or sixth day of CNY where boredom already kills me throughout. What worse is , most of my friends are back in their hometown. I was really glad that Cynthia is around to save me from this. 

We've decided to try something new so I suggested the Ministry of Coffee in Solaris , where they claim to serve one of the best breakfast / brunch around. It opens at 830am till late night, which I'm not sure till what time. We reached around 2+ and most of the things are sold out , and this shows how good the food is over there. 

Cappucino without coffee art, which make me and Cyn's expression change immediately.

Cynthia's sandwich ( I don't remember the name) , which is a pretty large portion for the price of rm22 - more or less. 

The bread is really thick , and this will work as a hearty breakfast to start the day. 

I decided to play safe to order poached eggs with spinach sandwich , which is around RM18 . Definitely not the best, but it fills up the stomach. 

I absolutely love to take pictures like this . Not only it will be favorited on insta but also on tumblr. 

And it has been so long ever since we take pictures ;

So cute.

We spent 2 hours catching up with life , and actually realized how much we have been missing on each other's life. Like they say , growing apart while growing up. 

And ootd ;

more pictures of us , because I am too lazy to type.

Totally love this tourist-y pictures of us. 

It feels so good to talk to people whom takes part in your past and now, in your present. There is no need for introduction and no one to tell each other about how we used to be before what we are now. Presence throughout everything is priceless, so appreciate who was there in your life despite knowing that they are leaving soon. Either way, I may got the sun in tarot card being lucky that people that matters to me still play a role in my life.

till then.