Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lunar New Year 2015.


This post is the summary of my CNY 2015.

This is one of the most happening and happy festive throughout the whole year. Well, my family only concern about CNY and the others , they just shrugged it off. Alright, maybe birthday play another major role in celebrations - in my family. 

I love how everyone in the family becomes lovely and forgiving to each other. Besides loading myself with red packets , this is my only legit and reasonable reason to gain weight. I don't even want to mention about how much I've gained but I had the whole tupperware of pineapple tarts to myself. It kills diet more than bakgua. I need to emphasize on my grandma's homemade pineapple tarts. 


Grandma decided to bring all her grandchildren for Dimsum during the noon before reunion dinner. Well, I have no idea how she handle so many of us that day because we were so noisy. 

I am the oldest among them TT

We settled for always available Jin Xuan because we did not make any bookings, and we know that walk in last minute is a nono especially times like this. 


Homecook reunion dinner, is always the best.


My grandma is a domestic goddess.

She prepared all of them with my aunties' help. She insisted to cook all of them so the others just help out by chopping and slicing , whatever it is. She never let us in the kitchen since young, which I always feel blessed for - however, she realized that its a mistake. lol

Look at the food she made TT


One of our desserts were Nougat, which is the original soft version which I love. I asked SH to bring it back for me all the way from Aussie. 


This is the first time I received customized angpao with my last name. 

It's a routine every year that, my grandparents give us angpao during reunion dinner and they are the first who give.


Selfie with flowers , which is mandatory for CNY. 

Can you feel the prosperity vibe with the colours?


My house is always the first stop for everyone, and here we are. 


Fooling around with the selfie stick.


Baby cousins :p


Do we look alike?


Bbysis looking perf adorable.

She's turning two this year already! 


To great grandma's house which is just a row behind my house, lolol.


I have no luck this year. -.-


My ootd this year! A dress from my own online boutique - click HERE


Selfie for the second day.



Went over to Ming's house for CNY lunch ; and look at how much her family have prepared. 

This is definitely a twist because we have western for CNY. And the paella was so good, omfg. 



OOTD for the second day.


Teatime on the bed , with jazz music playing at the background in Bernice's place . This is on the fourth day of CNY, which falls on a sunday.


This Sunday is definitely lazy.


House visiting with my coursemates on the 6th day.


Lunch with Crystal at Coffee Chemistry Signature on the 7th day.


Super cute kitty coffee art which made my day.


Little things that mean the most. 

And also because there's fries , lol.


The night of the 8th day of CNY , which is very important for hokkiens. 


Babby sis attempting to take selfie with my phone. 

So cuteeeeee, mg.


9th day of CNY.

Decided not to stay at home, and having question marks all over the top of my head because I never understand boys conversations. TT


However, I got my late night caffeine fixed and have good conversations. Something really comforting.

I have been craving for deep conversations for a while - you know, the ones that you get to know each other?


Dimsum with the girls in cheongsam on the 11th day.

The dimsum was bad and service was slow. Just the first round of ordering, we gave up and leave to another place.


We have all types of cheongsam here, 
which is your favourite?


Uni reopened. 

My coursemates and I decided to go to myElephantThai for lunch which I have always been craving for. 


Their green curry is so good that I can't even -

They also offer super affordable set lunch which price from rm9.90 to rm15.90 with main course and a drink.

and also,


We had softsrve for dessert which is newly open at uptown. Look at our flaming ice creams! 

We went there during their soft launch which gained us 20% discount. I swear that everything taste better with garrett popcorns, hmm.

Well, my 15 days passed very quickly.

Now, I'm feeling a little sad that I won't be able to celebrate CNY in Malaysia next year. 

I wish you guys to have a great year ahead!