Sunday, June 30, 2013

Coffee Coffea.

I always love cafes and I swear, coffee break is like a daily routine to me.

So this time, I head to the newly open Coffee Coffea at SS15 with ,


Yes, it has been so long ever since.

We decided to have a coffee break after Raqul Reed's photoshoot. So, I haven't try Coffee Coffea before even if I go to Bangsar all the time. I'm glad that SS15 is finally improving. 

I really hope we have more coffee shops here though.


But of course, the whipped cream is disappointing. 

Cookie for only RM1.50

Our drinks were RM13 each cup , I suppose. 

She had the green tea blended and I had my caramel. The caramel blended is REALLY sweet but I like it. I guess, this drink should be shared because it's too much and of course, it's too sweet wtf.

Didn't wanna have any cappuccino or latte  because the weather was craaaay!

Why do I look so pale? ):

Then we actually traded places to take pictures. This seat sucks. I couldn't even see my own face ):


I think it was good though. And it's quite crowded. It's ss15 so I don't think that it's surprising. 

Go ahead and try. You can't just stick to Starbucks forever.