Sunday, June 9, 2013

Simple Celebration with fam.



Bad pictures because Idk where I place my camera ):

so blessed

candid .

Green tea cake from RT Pastry, yums!

The alcohol was bought messily because we wanna try out everything.

The savanna dry taste like bak kua to me. 

It's cool that we drink and countdown till twelve for my birthday! Yes, my fam and I had to celebrate one day before because I have exam on the 10th and my birthday is on the 9th. 

Stupid CIE timetable TT

Recommending this because it's sweet.

I like Apple Cider the best.

Meet baby bel below!

She told me, she is a flower.

Still a flower.

And all of us have to do the same pose as a flower wtf.

Baby Bel : you got it wrong.

LOL, look at the way she stares at me! 

Chose seafood because I want the sea view so my family brought me all the way to klang. Oh well, it would be awesome if it's a city of lights. But the beautiful sunset and pink purple sky made it up.


Gonna strike for my last 2 papers!