Thursday, June 20, 2013


I was too lazy for make up because I was just suppose to head to my uni to ask for details. Oh well, I have decided to go for BAC. Yes, I know how pathetic it is or whatsoever but that's the only place I'll study law at. 

Don't judge me.

Yes, I have decided to get a law degree instead of whatever you think.

I know many people thought that I will graduate with a business degree or fashion-related one. Oh well, I guess I'm just going to be stubborn and prove you guys wrong again.
I do that everytime , don't I? hahaha.

And so, I just pick up Donniena and head to bangsar for brunch because I was so hungry!

See my green contact lens. NICE ANOT!

We decided to go to antipodean.

Their famous Big Breakfast set with yummy mushroom!

Their mushroom is incredible, I swear!


Look at my duck :) awwwww.

So we talk for like 4 hours there and drank so much water. She went to the toilet for more than 3 times and I'm like ... drinking water like I'm so dehydrated. 

You guys should drink more water because the weather is really terrible nowadays.

Don't ask .

The breakfast set is only RM20 and I swear it worth every penny that you're paying .