Saturday, June 29, 2013

Time strucking.

Another day to have brunch with my friends.

I swear the only time, I wake up early is where my friends ask me out for brunch! 

And then, I head to Antipodean in Bangsar again because I can't get enough of their breakfast set. Yumms!

All day Breakfast with Sausage instead of Bacon, this time.

RM 20

Yummy mushroom!

All Day Breakfast


We replaced the egg with mushroom. Too much eggs, I suppose. HAHAHA.

Grilled Chicken. .. i forgot.

RM 19.

But this doesn't taste as good as I expected. It's Chicken Breast, tomatoes and asparagus. I think they put a little alcohol in for the sauce . I won't order this again.

Doing what girls do the best.

Gosh, our eyebags ):

like x1000

And, as usual.

I am going to end this post with my #ootd.

I just wanna go simple and comfy. I just realize how my pants make this set look like I'm heading to sleep. I swear, my taste in clothes are getting worse. 

I need a fashion consultant myself , fml.

till then!