Monday, June 3, 2013

A route.

What's up! 

I can finally fit in my high waist shorts and , I still can't breathe. The sad part is , I gained weight. I mean, you guys could see how much good food I have been eating right. 
so, I need to work hard again. 

I need to at least fit a crop top by end of the year, omfg.

And, have I told you guys that I bought the hair treatment machine thingmajing?

I don't even know what is it called but I bought it so, it could save my hair as I always change my hair colour damaging it. I need somebody to sponsor me to do all the nice colours and stuff. This is such an expensive hobby. 

I want to try other colours beside red. It's sad how brown doesn't work well on me. Y I NO INNOCENT FACE TT

& the other day, I tried it! :)

No make up, and in my ahma shirt .


What's with the trying-to-cover-my-face-with-my-hand-so-my-face-look-smaller pose?

I wrapped the towel around too thick so I have to change it. Got lazy and so, I follow the master sushi style. 

You realize how the people who cut sashimi wear something on their head? LOL, I got inspired by that. NGEHEHE.

& after that, I finally head to my favorite time of the day - COFFEE BREAK.

I always wanted to try out this shop at FIRST Subang mall so yeah. 

This is the only page I could snap because they were staring at me and, I only care about this. They offer frappe which the price is almost the same with Starbucks. They even have blended drinks or juices. There is alot of variety. I saw their menu for breakfast and I'm really tempting to wake up early for that.

But just so you know,
I don't wake up early so ...

I was bloated from my late lunch so I just ordered a drink.

Ice caramel latte.

NO WAY for hot drinks because the weather is terrible. NO for cheesecakes because I can't. ):

And mingli came after awhile . She took so long to find the shop, lol. And I can't believe we talk from 6pm to 10pm , wtf. What were we even talking about? 

But it was a nice catch up.

Exams is really making us missing out each other's life . 

Cheers to my neon ootd.

I really love this shirt from F21. I got all these casual inspirations from stylenanda book. I bought them with my voucher just to see how to dress up casually. And, it's amazing how they could rewear their clothes and create different style of outfits.

I honestly think my sense in clothes are getting worse. 

I used to not wear tshirts and look - now, I'm biting my own words. It's okay, at least I can wear a high waist short now! YAY! 

I wanted to act cute and post this picture with the caption - I gained. 

but it seemed like... oh know...

Tell me I have a good hair day because I really loved my hair that day.


And then, after that we had our SUPER LATE DINS at Oregi which is currently a famous place for everyone to hang out since they have good food and not mentioning, SHISHA :)

Hungry Monster.

Simple day makes up another good days in the month.