Sunday, June 16, 2013

Blues & Checkers.

A simple dinner with a few friends on friday night. 

Oh well, life after CIE is always better. 

Bangsar is always a good place with nice restaurants. Wanted to head to Yeast because Bernice said it was good but unfortunately, it's full. So we head to Milk and Butter. I really like how comfortable and soft the lightnings are. And this time, instead of just a sandwich . I let loose and ordered aglio olio spaghetti . There's a friend order breakfast set and it seemed more yummy than mine. 

And I could barely remember anytime because everyone was so into their own conversation. 

I suddenly realized that so many of them are in the same class except for me and Donniena. 


Meet tzeyue.

And realize how much we contradict  LOL.

What was I doing...

All the girls .

Just realize how good we are smiling with teeth. 

And looking at this picture suddenly making me realize how much I've missed highschool. 

I'm not sure what was it but I'm pretty sure I was complaining.

So much memories , so much pain , so much feelings .

I actually liked this picture more but I didn't see this picture until I transfer it from my phone to my computer. I should uploaded this on insta instead of the one before TT

So red and awkward but this is the only solo pic I have left . TT

I went over to vertigo, got drunk and create a crying mess again. Gosh, how long could I actually do that. I really hate it when I completely let loose and let people see how weak I am. 

Either way , 
This is to make up to this boring post.

Egg Benedict from Plan B. 

I swear it's VERY good.

signing off.