Sunday, June 23, 2013


Short post today because I need to head out in a bit.

It's annoying that I have this feeling that I have to update my blog and I need to go out in 15mins . I'm just going out with a simple tee and shorts because I don't want to ootd LOL.

I had a short meet up because it's like only 3 freaking hours to see Jacinth since she's leaving to Johor in the noon TT 

Like really.... 3 hours... when we hang out from day till night everyday. ):

Now this really prove to me that college is over T__________________________T 

We head to empire and settled down at La Bodega for breakfast. I was such a good girl because I woke up at 8am for this . I wanted to try upstairs cafe but , IT'S NOT OPEN fml.

My hair flies like pheww pheww hahhahaha!

The breakfast set includes the plate of goodness , a cup of coffee of your choice and a cup of fresh juice of your choice. It's Big Breakfast and it cost around RM38.

I think it's worth it :)

Handless LOL.

The next post about G D G D BABY BABY :)