Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I have never feel so blessed in my life.

& today, I celebrated my belated birthday with my friends and it was so much more better that I expected. Even if some of them who I wished to be there was missing, it was overall good. My birthday was bad in year 2012 and I remember I spend my birthday crying. In year 2011 , it wasn't that good either. 

This year, it was great.

I had never feel so much love anymore. 

I was really happy that everyone turned up .They even got me my favorite champagne and bought me every girl's dream rainbow cake. Even if I don't have my fantastic nightview, the laughter have made it all up. I used to not have much friends and I am not that kind of person who wants to let people in that easily. 

And today, I suddenly find out there is so much more that I never realized.

There is still people who love me for who I am. 

Friendship costs so much more than anything.

Thanks for everything. 

I am really happy today.

I love you people, so much.