Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Nothing close to the goal.

Just a random post about my life after my exams. I finished my 1 1/2 year program! Oh well, I passed the first exam and I hope that I am passing the finals too. I can't imagine myself studying pre-u or foundation all over again. *prays hard*

This drink is awesome so ignore my face - I was trying to act cute ):

Guess who sneak back home?

Chatterbox in Bangsar Village for super late lunch . It was like 3pm? 

And then ,


Froyo is so much healthier than ice-cream. I used to go to Snowgurt or Tutti Frutti but they all close down. SOMEBODY TELL ME WHY! 

But moocow is good. 

They have the fix price for a cup of froyo unlike tutti frutti. I remember my most expensive one was 25bucks, wtf. 25 FOR ONE CUP OF CRAP ..with alots of topping. I guess the topping is the one that make it so heavy.

RM9.90 for one cup with one topping is reasonable for me.

I'm not sure which flavor of topping is nice. I only like the original one because I only order that pft. No way that I'm going to order chocolate flavor. I can't imagine yogurt in chocolate.. ew.


And after , we were driving around as if the petrol is free . But I had a great day with my girls then. It's sad how everyone is so busy for everything TT

okay , I need to go out now, Bye !