Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Namoo with Coffee Stain.

What's up?

I have been losing readers because I haven't been updating. 


It's okay because I'm here with pictures and less words. About What I wear post, it would be up soon. Honestly, I always repeat my clothes and I don't get how is that interesting. Plus, my fashion sense is getting worse. Save me, somebody.

I spent the first day of July with Bernice - your goddess model of RR.

I'll show you pictures of her without make up soon and yes , no disappointment at all.

We decided to have lunch / coffee break at publika. After a whole lot of walking around and discussion , we end up at Namoo On the Park  which is KOREAN based. I didn't know about that though. I always think it's some coffee shop until I saw the menu and of course, the shop was playing gwiyomi wtf.

I cannot explain how much I love shops who put in effort in their decorations. Honestly, I am willing to pay a little more for a calm and pretty ambiance. I just enjoy silence very very much. Okay, not that kind of pin drop silence - but just not people yelling across the street!

Okay, now comes the food!

Bulgogi Spaghetti.


Bernice love it too. Both of us was munching like crazy. It's more to sweet based sauce and if you don't like sweetness then I suggest you not to order this. 

RM 19 , I suppose. I don't really remember. 

Ddeokbokki baked with mozarella cheese.

Everything goes well with cheese. I like this dish. To me, it's not really spicy. 

Potato cake with ice cream.

Bernice wanted to order Sweet Potato but it's all sold out. It's potato paste inbetween the layer and I think, this is for sharing. I don't think anyone could ever finish this. As you eat, you just get 'geli'. I don't know how to explain but no harm for a try.

I am really curious about the sweet potato one TT

And then to Coffee Stain by Joseph for coffee break.

I am glad that I have found a coffee break buddy other than Xiuming and maybe, one day we can have a coffee date and drink until we got fever wtf.


Latte Macchiato !

I ordered two shot . I like it thicker. 

And then , 
we do what girls do best - CAMWHORE!

We laugh so loud that everyone was staring at us. 

The normal smiling selca.

And then, it starts!

I like this picture !

She try so hard, lol!

Look at how bad I look beside her, fml.

But I still like this picture. 

It have some typical bff picture feel! hahaha.

And the last .


ps why do I feel like my face is so big beside hers? TT