Friday, May 31, 2013

Yummy in my tummy.

 I'm sorry that I don't have a presentable picture to start this post but trust me that you would love this for the food. 

As you know my finals is near which I am NEVER ready for even if you give me a million years because I'm that lazy to study. I'm always a last minute person but at least, I'm flipping onto pages of some books . The weather is so hot so I wanted snowflake. I've dragged Jacinth out again for snowflake and study break at library but we spent sometime talking - fine, alot of time talking and asking each other what we want for dinner. 
We are both on diet. I mean, it's really understandable that I SHOULD BE on diet. Don't ask me why is she on diet because I think her body is already good enough. But, everyone wants to be perfect right? I also want muscle instead of flabs TT

But exam is near so I suggested fatty food.

I swear I have been so good that I haven't touch any fast food for 2 months because I don't wanna work out. 

Sometimes, it's really bad to be my friend because I let people lose. 


we have decided no - I have decided for HUNGRY HOG .

I have went there once for lunch and it was good. So, I wanted to return to fulfill my craving towards burgers . I want to try BURGER LAB but NO WAY that I am going to queue and stand to eat. I mean, I would rather pay for a place where I could sit and eat peacefully. And if one day, I change my mind to queue - that BURGER better be good. 

Alright, I'll do it after exams.

Fake candid , lol.

I am never confident with my specs on. It's just too thick. Don't forget that my power is 650/850 lol.

I love how their decoration goes. I spot a couple photo of the owner and his wife/girlfriend at the side. Gosh, too cute. I mean, it's kind of romantic to open a shop with your other half. It's kind of fairytale. 

There comes the food.




I ordered belt sandwich because I have it the last time and I love it. I love the fries so much. I wonder if there are people ordering mashed potato instead of fries. If they did, they are definitely missing out alot. 

The only thing I wouldn't feel guilty for is GOOD FRIES :)

Three little Pigs , that she ordered.


I totally feel a slap on my face when I taste her burger. My face turn sour and went speechless. Suddenly, I hate my sandwich eventhough it's still good. I swear that this would be first on my order list if I am going to return to this shop.

Pork have never been so good. 

It's totally nonsense if a person HATES bacon. YOU MAD BRO?

Oh well, 
last picture to drool you off before ending this post.